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5 Helpful Tips for Your Deer Food Plot

It’s that time of year! If you’re planning on planting your deer food plot, now is the perfect time.


But before you go ahead and buy some seeds to start your food plot, here are five key tips you need to keep in mind.


Tip # 1: Make sure you plant in the right location


As much as possible, you’d want to make sure that you have enough space for your food plot. But if your space and equipment are limited, then make sure that your food plot is located near a thicket or somewhere that would make the deer feel safe. Deer are very sensitive to people, so it would be best not to pick a location near roads or where there are a lot of people. 


Tip # 2: Increase security in your food plot


You don’t want to make the deer feel threatened, so make sure that you set up some measures of security along the perimeter. Skinny food plots often work better than wide plots as they offer more security and cover to deer when they feel threatened. Deer have a keen sense of smell, hearing, and vision, so consider planting screening plants that would shield you from being detected by the deer when you enter the food plot. 


Tip # 3: Make sure to minimize human traffic


As mentioned, deer are highly sensitive creatures, and human movements can scare them off your plot. To keep that from happening, make sure that you approach the food plot only when you want to hunt. That way, deer won’t be overly cautious when they enter the plot. Otherwise, the deer may just stay away from your food plot, no matter how lush your crops may be.


Tip # 4: Test the soil


Before you buy and plant seeds for your food plot, it is important that you test your soil health. This will help ensure that your seeds grow at an optimum level - enough to attract deer to visit your plot and graze. Sending your soil over to a lab for testing is also going to keep you from spending unnecessarily on fertilizers that you don’t really need. 


Tip # 5: Buy the right type of seed blend


How effective your food plot is will largely depend on the type of seeds you plant in your plot. There are different seed blends available on the market, and having so many options to choose from can make the process confusing. However, the most important consideration when choosing the right seed blend for your plot is your soil type and the weather in your location. 


If you are located in Pennsylvania, then you’d want to try out Seedway Wildlife Genetics. This wildlife blend mix is developed in the Northeast United States in New York, so it performs well in Pennsylvania versus other deer food plot brands that are grown in Georgia or other areas of the US. Seedway Wildlife Genetics is one of the best food plot seed blends in the market today, and it utilizes premium seed varieties that have been regionally adapted to ensure that you attract wildlife to your food plot. So whether you’re a sportsman or a nature enthusiast, this seed blend is what you need to get the results you want.


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